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TSE Angola
Techniques Spéciales à l'Export
TSE Guinée

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Somalia / Hargeysa
Rehabilitation of the Hargeysa water system
Angola / Quibala
Teachers school Quibala
Angola / Malange
Reabilitação do Hospital Central de Malanje
Angola / Luanda
Supermarket Fernandes
Angola / Luanda
Rehabilitation private villa
Angola / Luanda
TSE Angola office
Angola / Luanda
Hotel TSE Angola
Angola / Porto Amboim
Dam & Irrigation canal GIASOP
Angola / Luanda
Rehabilitation Mulenba Station
Angola / Kifangondo
Rehabilitation of pumping station of Kifangondo
Angola / Malange
Rehabilitation of the Malanje station
Angola / Caxito
Rehabilitation of pumping station of Caxito
Angola / Luanda
Water distribution network in Luanda Airport
Angola / Quipungo - Chicomba
Track Quipungo - Chicomba
Angola / Huambo
Rehabilitation of Huambo airport
Angola / Luanda
Health Centers Luanda
Angola / Luanda
Cold rooms - Frescangol
Angola / Luanda
Hospital Multiperfil
Angola / Saurimo - Lunda Sul
Extension Thermal Power Plant of Saurimo
Angola / Luena - Huila
Water Supply Network of Lubango
Angola / Luena - Moxico
Water Supply Network of Luena
Guinea / Kamsar
Autoclave for the Hospital of Kamsar
Guinea / Boké
Power Plant in Boké
Angola / Saurimo - Lunda Sul
Building Schools I and II cycles in Saurimo
Angola / Camabatela - Kwanza Norte
Slaughterhouse to Camabatela
Angola / Uíge
Water Supply Network of Uíge
Angola / Sumbe - Kwanza Sul
Water Supply System of Sumbe
Guinea / Conakry
Equipment for Electricity of Guinea (EDG)
Angola / Huambo
Networks MV, LV of Huambo
Angola / Lubango
Networks MV, LV and IP of Lubango
Angola / Saurimo
Networks MV, LV and IP of Saurimo
Angola / Saurimo
Power Plant in Saurimo
Angola / Kuito
Power Plant in Kuito
Angola / Luanda
Supply of vehicles
Guatemala / Guatemala City
Supply of vehicles - Program PDFM
Nicaragua / Esteli - Ocotal
Waste Management - Project Esteli-Ocotal
Honduras / Tegucigalpa
Supply of vehicles - Zamorano Program
Angola / Luanda
TOTAL pool - 14 Km Benfica
Ecuador / Quito
Supply of vehicles - Cold Chain
Angola / Luanda
Supply of vehicles
Cape Verde / Porto Novo
Equipment for School of Porto Novo
Angola / Prov. Huila
37 Schools - Provinces of Benguela and Huila

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