TSE s.a. is a multidisciplinary company active in construction, civil engineering, electric and hydraulic infrastructures and the roads.

TSE s.a. initiated his activities in Angola in 1991, having carried out work and/or supplies in almost all the Provinces during the period of National Rebuilding.

The company is based in Luanda where it occupies a ground of 7.5 ha on which were developed the necessary infrastructures to the execution of its core businesses. More...

The company covers the whole country, by adapting its installments in the Provinces to the needs of each contract. Currently we have installments and a permanent staff in the Provinces of Bié, Huambo, Huíla, Southern Lunda, Moxico and Uíge.

General Data

  • Year of Recording : 1991
  • CONICLE Civil Construction : License Nº 32/EOP/97 (Class 8 all categories)
  • Commercial license : 04/568/4/10/2002
  • License Hotel trade : 441/LDA-SAMB-DNIH/MHT-07
  • License of Import / export : 000.563/04/1997
  • Number of taxpayer : 5.410.003.098
  • Statistical recording : 14.032